UN General Assembly


“There are no winners in a zero-sum game”

In his address to the General Assembly President Alain Berset stressed the importance to Switzerland of international cooperation and international law. He stated that the international community had much to lose in the current crisis facing multilateralism.

Visit in Lebanon

Staatsbesuch Libanon 2018

Further steps to intensify relations between Switzerland and Lebanon

Switzerland and Lebanon have reaffirmed the wish to further deepen their traditionally strong ties. On Monday in Beirut, President Alain Berset expressed Switzerland’s solidarity with Lebanon, which has been severely affected by the Syrian crisis.

Visit in Kenya

Besuch in Kenia

Switzerland and Kenya stress interest in closer cooperation 

Switzerland and Kenya wish to deepen their relations. President Alain Berset and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta acknowledged the significant potential for closer cooperation during their official talks in Nairobi on Monday, 9 July.

Visit by Iranian President

Visit by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

During the official visit by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Bern, Switzerland and Iran reaffirmed their support for the Road Map agreed in 2016; the two countries expressed their wish to deepen relations in spite of the current circumstances and push ahead with implementing the Road Map.

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In focus

Visit by Pope Francis

The Pope will be arriving on 21 June. He will be attending the World Council of Churches.

Facts on Invalidity Insurance

No. of new pensions stable, professional reintegration continues.

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