Federal Social Insurance Office

‘Insuring the future'
The Federal Social Insurance Office FSIO is responsible for the Swiss social security system: old-age and survivors' insurance (AHV), invalidity insurance (IV), supplementary benefits, occupational pensions (pension funds), compensation for loss of earnings (for persons on military, civil defence or civilian service and maternity leave), and family allowances. The FSIO ensure that this social net is effective and continually adapts the system to changing realities. It is also the federal office responsible for policies relating to family, children and intergenerational relations, and deals with all general matters relating to social policy.

The FSIO lays the foundations for political steering and legislation in the field of social security and monitors the work of the executive agencies. The office also represents Switzerland's interests in social security matters abroad (social security agreements) and in international organisations.


Director: Stéphane Rossini

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