Federal Office of Public Health

The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) is responsible for the national health policy and – along with the cantons – for the health of the Swiss population. As the national body the FOPH also represents Switzerland in health policy matters in international organisations and towards other countries.

There are many aspects to health, and so the FOPH's work is also multi-faceted. The FOPH works to promote healthy living and an efficient, sustainable health system. For example, the FOPH is responsible for the system of health and accident insurance, it plans and implements national programmes to fight addiction and sexually transmitted diseases and works to prevent non-communicable diseases and radiological risks.

Our health system faces considerable challenges. What can we do to ensure that future generations also enjoy a well-functioning and affordable health system? The federal government's Health2020 strategy sets us in the right direction. The FOPH plays a major role in implementing this strategy.

Director: Pascal Strupler

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