Federal Veterinary Office

The Federal Veterinary Office (FVO) sees its role as an expert body for the health of animals and humans as well as for the welfare of animals in human care.

Apart from concerning itself with animal health, animal welfare and safe foodstuffs of animal origin, the FVO also provides the basic conditions for the export of foods of animal origin. In addition, it monitors cross-border traffic and trade in animals and plants, animal products and food of animal origin.

The federal constitution, laws, ordinances and national agreements form the framework for the work of the FVO for the benefit of animals and humans. In many cases, the cantons are responsible for enforcement of the laws. The FVO supports these enforcement efforts through active communication, information, training and continuing education.

The FVO sees itself as a partner of other authorities and organizations which have similar or related functions and objectives. In the service of the population, the FVO further commits itself to an open and comprehensive communication on the basis of scientific facts.