Swiss Federal Archives SFA

‘No democracy without archives' 

The Swiss Federal Archives SFA are the 'memory' of the Swiss Confederation. The SFA evaluates, safeguards, catalogues and raises public awareness of federal documents with archival value. It would take 18 terabytes and over 60 linear kilometres of shelving to hold the entire inventory, which includes original documents such as the Swiss Constitution, deeds, photos, films, recordings and databases. In a democratic constitutional state, the archiving of such records is essential for continuity and transparency and it enables citizens to exercise democratic control over government and administrative activities and is the basis for research.

The SFA also advises the federal administration and other offices on archiving practices in order to ensure the efficient, transparent and legally-compliant management of public information in Switzerland. The SFA ensures that archived documents can be easily found and accessed at a later date.

Director: Philippe Künzler

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