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Welcome to the website of the Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA. I am proud to head this department with its 2300 employees because the FDHA is a department for everyday affairs. It is where decisions are prepared which affect you and your life on a daily basis.

Take old age pension provision (AHV), for example, occupational pensions, health, accident and invalidity insurance, the safety of therapeutic products, research and education, culture and film promotion, or family policy, gender equality and the equality of people with disabilities, statistics, weather forecasting or efforts to fight racism. The FDHA deals with all of these issues.

The task of the FDHA is to safeguard today's high standards in old age pension provision, healthcare, education and research for future generations. It is not merely a matter of maintaining the status quo, but of looking ahead and initiating the necessary reforms to take account of the changing conditions in society because the world does not stand still. In this, justice and solidarity will be one of my main concerns.

I would be delighted if I could count not only on the support of my staff, but also on your support. It is important to encourage broad dialogue. Your suggestions and comments are therefore most welcome.

Alain Berset, President of the Swiss Confederation
Head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA

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