Is racism in Switzerland on the rise?

Convictions for racial discrimination have increased steadily since the provision on racism was introduced to the Criminal Code. There has been an upsurge in racist incidents on the internet, especially on social media and in blogs and the online comments sections of newspapers. On average, the number of complaints of discrimination seems to have flattened out in recent years, although a number of sources indicate otherwise. The majority of sources show that the perpetrators tend to be young Swiss men.

The SCRA report  provides an overview of these cases and looks at changes in racist incidents in Switzerland over the last 20 years.

Police crime statistics, covering all offences punishable by law that were reported to the cantonal and communal police forces and recorded using a standardised methodology, have been published annually since 2010.

STAT-TAB - Interactive database: The interactive database maintained by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) since 2010 allows users to compile statistical tables in accordance with their own criteria.