Where can I find information on antisemitism in Switzerland?

In 2016, the SCRA produced its first report detailing the federal government’s efforts to combat antisemitism in Switzerland.

This was updated following the publication in 2017 of the third report on “Racial discrimination in Switzerland” and now takes due account of the relevant events of that year.

Report on measures against antisemitism (PDF, 447 kB, 14.12.2018)

Other publications and information

The report on racial discrimination in Switzerland (PDF, 1 MB, 26.11.2018) produced by the Service for Combating Racism contains information on the key terminology, legal framework and competent institutions in this area. At the same time, it provides an overview of the available data on racist incidents and attitudes, and discusses the measures taken in various areas of life.

The Respekt statt Rassismus (‘Respect instead of racism’) DVD features nine short films and a host of accompanying material. It was produced with the support of the Service for Combating Racism with the aim of helping children and young people to develop an understanding of what it is to be ‘foreign’ and learn how to get along with ‘others’ and live together peacefully. It should enable them to identify various aspects of racism, analyse the causes, mechanisms and consequences, rethink their own attitudes and develop prevention strategies.

The bibliography on racism and antisemitism (DE (PDF, 147 kB, 10.03.2017)/FR (PDF, 95 kB, 10.03.2017)/ IT (PDF, 68 kB, 10.03.2017)) serves as a good starting point for anyone wishing to find further information.

The Federal Commission against Racism devoted an issue of its TANGRAM bulletin to antisemitism in the summer of 2017 (issue 39, 06/17). The featured articles take a look at various aspects of antisemitism from a range of viewpoints.


Academic libraries, such as those at universities and universities of applied sciences, and local and school libraries stock a wide range of general texts that provide an introduction to the subject for those wishing to find out more.

Political education, human rights, racism and antisemitism are particular concerns of éducation21, the national competence and service centre for global learning. Éducation21 has a large amount of written and audiovisual material available to borrow or buy, all of which has been tested for its educational value.

The IDES Information and Documentation Centre run by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education offers various activities and materials on human rights and racism.

educa.ch, the Swiss education server, provides access to information and documents on the country’s education system. The portal links, coordinates and gathers information systematically from schools, vocational training institutions, universities of teacher education and specialist agencies.

In addition, it hosts an interactive working and learning environment that can be accessed by schools and training centres (educanet). By making digital communication and learning tools available, it supports different forms of cooperative learning and teaching and promotes media literacy and competence (e-learning, e-community, etc.).

In addition to research and development, the Zurich University of Teacher Education (PHZH) provides training and advice for teaching professionals and members of school boards, and runs an information centre that includes a multimedia library and a traditional library (especially for young people). The PHZH also has its own publishing house that produces print and online material as an information service for schools and educational establishments.

The Centre for Democracy Studies Aarau specialises in research and teaching activities that cover every aspect of democracy. The Department of Civic Education and History Didactics develops teaching materials and organises further education conferences and courses. The centre also operates the Swiss Political Education platform and publishes “POLIS. The journal for political education” once a year.

The centre regularly marks the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust on 27 January by holding an academic conference that is specifically aimed at schools.

The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland’s Centre for Civic Education and History Didactics makes a number of interesting contributions. Teachers can find material to assist them during lessons, including the History Helpline (in German).

The website of the Federal Commission against Racism (FCR) features information, position statements, press releases on racism and anti-racist legislation, and much more. The FCR monitors and analyses the application of the law. It publishes a compilation of case law on its website summarising the verdicts and decisions handed down on Article 261bis SCC, which is freely accessible to users.

The Society for Minorities in Switzerland and the Foundation against racism and antisemitism publish a brochure entitled the  «Chronology of racism in Switzerland» once a year.

The police in the canton or commune where you live should be able to give you more detailed information on racist incidents in your region.