Where can I find information on right-wing extremism in Switzerland?

The Service for Combating Racism has produced a number of publications on right-wing extremism, which are available as free downloads or brochures (in German, Italian and French):

  • Strategien gegen Rechtsextremismus in der Schweiz, 2010
  • Jugendliche und Rechtsextremismus: Opfer, Täter, Aussteiger, 2007
  • Rechtsextremismus bekämpfen: wirksame Massnahmen und griffige Arbeitsinstrumente für Gemeinden, 2007

The Service for Combating Racism has also compiled a bibliography on right-wing extremism (PDF in DE (PDF, 80 kB, 10.03.2017)/FR (PDF, 52 kB, 10.03.2017)/IT (PDF, 68 kB, 10.03.2017), 80 kB, 05.07.2012) that could serve as a good starting point.

Public authorities

At the federal level, the Federal Intelligence Service, which is attached to the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, is responsible for monitoring right-wing extremism. It coordinates its activities with the cantonal agencies and gathers relevant information material.

The police in the canton or commune where you live should be able to give you more detailed information on incidents of right-wing extremism in your region. Feel free to ask!

Other sources of information

The information platform on right-wing extremism in Switzerland (in German) is a source of general information and data on the current situation in Switzerland. It provides the general population and the public sector with assistance in dealing with this particular problem. The website is aimed at anyone who is affected by right-wing extremism in Switzerland in some form or another: the victims of right-wing extremist violence and their parents, relatives, friends, teachers or VET trainers, members of the scene who wish to leave it and anyone interested in finding out more about the topic.

The Swiss National Science Fund conducted a number of studies as part of the National Research Programme 40+ “Right-wing Extremism – Causes and Counter-measures” that delivered new insights into this topic.