Advice Centres and contact points


Advice centres and contact points 

You can find a list of advice centres and contact points here. We recommend you look for an advice centre that specialises in the particular issue with which you are concerned and is based in the town or canton in which you live.

The Service for Combating Racism does not offer any advice or mediation in cases of conflict.

Electronic directory

Victims of racial discrimination and individuals requiring information and support in conflict situations will find an electronic directory containing the addresses of advice centres, self-help organisations, government offices and emergency services.

They are listed by canton and activity. The directory is updated regularly. It is available in German, French and Italian.

Advice Network for Victims of Racism                                                                          

The Beratungsnetz für Rassismusopfer runs a network of 23 advice centres for victims of racism.


The cantons and cities are also stepping up their provision of advisory services. The Cantonal Integration Delegates provide guidance.

Federal Commission against Racism

The Secretariat of the Federal Commission against Racism is happy to provide information on advice and mediation services.